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Castle Peak green water, blue sky and white clouds is the best gift for the gift of mankind. However, large-scale rapid industrial production and excessive development, so that the beautiful natural environment by varying degrees of pollution and destruction. In order to cope with and solve the current situation in our living environment of various pollution and environmental trauma. Guangdong Zhengqing Environmental Management Technology Co., Ltd. in the "return to nature, naturally have a return" concept. In the study and learn from Germany, advanced European and American countries, in the repair and management environment in an effective and advanced technology, combined with Chinas specific environmental pollution situation. After several years of painstaking research and development, invented the microbial core technology. Respectively, the development and production of food waste, municipal sludge, sewage treatment, oil and water separator and other system equipment. And access to a number of national invention patents. The use of the technology and equipment to deal with the garbage, sludge, sewage can be achieved harmless treatment and resource utilization. The technology in the current field of environmental management with high technological content, low investment costs, good economic returns characteristics. Its technological level has reached the forefront of the industry.